Our New Library

Greetings from Mowbray Public School Library

Now that we have settled into our new 21st Century Library, we are thrilled to be able to share with you some of the fantastic facilities available to the Mowbray community.

The library is bright, light and quite spacious with large windows overlooking the school grounds and the side of Mowbray Road. Looking out from both sides of the windows, it has a pleasant outlook of shrubs, trees, lawns and greenery all around.

The library has many comfortable tables, chairs, ottomans, large cushions and a campfire or circular sitting arrangement which is a popular space for our students to read or use the laptops.

Our new laptops are primarily used by our students for research work and library tasks. The laptops are also used for Robotics, Mathletics and many other Literacy based activities such as Lexile Reading Program, Premier’s Reading Challenge or PRC, Reading Eggs, Spellodrome, and many other educational games.

We have a large CommBox (interactive whiteboard) and a new Neopanel which are used daily by teachers and students. There is also a separate meeting room which has access to Video Conference facility.

Our large collection of books is divided into four sections: Fiction Picture Books (PIC) placed at the front of the library on browser shelves; our Junior Fiction (JF) or chapter books placed around the campfire or circular shelving space; Non Fiction books (NON F) are in the middle of the library and are shelved in Dewey Decimal System from 000 to 999; our Senior Fiction Books (SEN F) or Young Adult (YA) is located at the back of the library for the use of our senior students in years 5 and 6 who have parental permission.
All of our Fiction books are organized in alphabetical order according to the author’s surname. For example, Pamela Allen books would be shelved as PIC F ALL; Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone by J.K.Rowling would be in the Fiction section: F ROW; The Solar System: Jupiter, would be shelved in the Nonfiction section: NON 523.45.

The library is open five days a week. Classes from Kindergarten to Year 6 come to the library for weekly lessons and to borrow books on a needs basis. The library is also used regularly for groups such as Chess and Robotics lessons.

Many meetings are held in the library by parents, teachers and students including our Senior Monitors group which meet regularly to help out with the daily maintenance of the library and to organise activities for our students.

We hope you can come and visit our great library soon.