Hunters Hill High School visit

Student report

Omar, Liam, Anastasia and Tahel recently went to Hunters Hill High School to participate in a ‘Hands On’ science day. We got to participate in a number of different experiments. We really enjoyed using chemicals and food colours to create an explosion of colourful foam which we called an ‘Elephants Toothpaste’. We also tested many ‘Mystery Powders’ to see what would happen if we dropped different types of chemicals on them and they mainly changed colours or fizzed up! We then put on our investigation hats and used chromatography paper to find out which green pen wrote a ransom note, we learnt that ink is made up of different pigments which are mixed together to make the colour green. We also participated in some other experiments but our favourite and most gruesome experiment was the Bulls eye dissection. We all had a very inspiring day and really appreciated the opportunity to experience what science will be like when we go to High School. — Omar