Arts Update 11 May

Our students have been very busy already this year taking part in many outside school Arts events. We have had students attend dance workshops, audition for the Schools Spectacular, participate in Musical workshops and attend Art camps. We are very proud of all their achievements. We look forward to hearing about and seeing more of these talented students and their skills throughout the year.

Miss Holmes, Creative Arts Coordinator

Our dancers take to the stage

In Term 1 from 7th-9th March, Claudia , Zara, Ellie and I participated in the 2016 Junior Dance Workshop held at the Sydney Dance Company Studios, at the wharfs where Dance Academy is filmed.

The classes included Musical Theatre (with Natalie Somerville), Contemporary (with Kimberly Crawford, Xanthe Geeves and Josef Brown), Jazz (with Ramon Doringo) and Hip Hop (with Shyamla).

I personally enjoyed Jazz and Hip Hop the most because I am more familliar with those styles of dance. I found Contemporary challenging because I struggle with floorwork. Jazz was a combination of Ballet, Hip Hop and Sas. In Musical theatre we danced to Hard knock Life from “Annie”. We were taught that facial expressions and acting were more important in musical theatre than getting the dance steps right.

On the other hand, Hip Hop was more of a breakdance style than the dance routines we were used to. At the end of the class we were allowed to do a trick circle where random students took turns to do their best tricsk in the middle, I was surprised at how amazing some students moves were.

We danced from 9am to 3pm for three days. It was hardwork and challenging at times but I loved it and would recommend it to other dancers. I am thankful for the experience. — Eve, Ellie, Zara, Claudia

Musical Theatre Workshop

I was very fortunate to be able to go to the Arts in Action Musical Theatre Workshop and Performance at Quakers Hill High School. At the workshop and audition there were lots of people, most of them were girls. There were only 3 boys and I was the only primary aged boy!

During the audition workshop we had to learn a short dance combination and perform the panel. It was really tricky. We also had to sing for the judges as well. Even though I did not make it in, it was still a great day and I learnt many new skills. I hope that when I go to High School I will have the opportunity to try out again. — Ty

Art Camp

On Wednesday and Thursday of week 2 myself and Jasmine attended an Art Camp. We travelled to Brookvale each day and got to take part in art lessons where we learned how to draw and how to paint. The teachers took us through the steps to create a final project piece. I created a self-portrait using willow charcoal and pencil. Jasmine created a sculpture of a shoe using clay. On the second day I created a canvas painting of trees on mountains. I enjoyed learning new skills and how to make art more realistic. I had a lot of fun and made lots of new friends. — Tiffany